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Development of Deep web Crawler by Canadian Police

The Canadian Federal police are developing a software  with big investment which can detect and monitor the darknet for the hidden services.Canadian Safety and Security Program CSSP has given the funds for the brand new deep web crawler.This can provide the funds for policing, public safety and military related things. This program of Canada can easily detect the explosive detection equipment, drugs from the vapor and also provide the training to the people.This can help the Canadian government for protecting the energy infrastructure  from cyber attacks.In order to research the software, the government has authorized the two tech firms and Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).Also, the government stated that RCMP will lead a project to develop and implement the web explorer as to examine anonymous and dark areas of Internet also to identify the content related to law communities and national security.”


British Columbia-based companies Donnybrook Research and Analysis and Mercur IT solutions are responsible for research of the software that government wants to develop.They will be collaborated with eCnadian Federal Police to work on the project.Richard Frank the Co-CEO of Mercur IT solutions has worked with the government of Canada to develop the software called Child Exploitation Network Extractor which can track the images that are posted on the child pornography websites. Now, once again he is collaborating with the Canada government to develop a software tat will focus extremely on the darknet. The main purpose of the software is to detect and trace the things related to darknet websites.The dark web crawler is not developed for finding the individuals who are involving in providing the illegal content. The main intention of the software is to prevent the child pornography, to stop the spread of darknet marketplaces and to limit the sites offering human trafficking.The law enforcement authorities could use this software to find the hidden hackers websites and communities that are providing the hacking services.This software has full authorities and permissions to research all the sections of the Internet.

David Fraser, a privacy expert stated that “with this software, the privacy of the Canadian could be affected but the thing here is that all the people should support the Police to find the hackers.If the Police are monitoring and tracking any individual suspect then they may be required to obtain a warrant to file a criminal case.Also, Police may get into trouble if they search for the entire subsections of the Internet to find the individual suspects.”

Updated: November 28, 2016 — 7:14 pm

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