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Introduction to Tor and Bitcoin

Most of the internet users who are  in the underground community must have heard about “Deep web” term.This deep web combines the communication technologies and a set of websites which apply exclusively to the Tor network.As it is an open source software it was developed with radical ideas two years ago.On the other hand, Bitcoin is also gaining the attention of all the users and even though it is not related to the term deep web they both fit together in the aspect of underground web technology.In this tutorial, we are gonna provide you the information corresponding to Bitcoins and how they are related to Tor network.




Tor project:

This is an open source software which provides you the new layer of Internet protection in between the remote website server and the user also gives you the sense of security. As same as Bit Torrent users, the users of Tor network will keep their computers running all the time as a relay service.The main intention of this is when you visit any website on the Tor’s network it will pass your request through three different computers.So that the encryption level will be very high that no computer can find your physical location within the proxy.This feature may trouble a lot of people who want ti hide their identity on the Internet but it is the best option for the users who are willing to hide them from the faceless users among the network.

In order to access this network of proxies, you can download this software package if you are having the operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Mac etc. It is available on the Internet as a ZIP archive which doesn’t require any installation and after opening the archive double-click on the Tor to start the relay services.Then a new browser called Gecko or Mozilla engine will be launched which is a shell script for Firefox runs under custom proxy settings for Tor network.

Anonymity with Bitcoins and Tor:

Many of the underground networks within the Tor project discussed regarding the Bitcoins as the next level of economy for our world. Although the both technologies are under development we can say that the underground community really created an outstanding system.Generally, the digital exchanges are held between seller and buyer with respect to Bitcoin market, but the purchasing the goods or services through Tor network will extremely improve the security by adding an extra layer of privacy.

Updated: November 28, 2016 — 7:11 pm

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